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Ariel Answers Fan Questions on Twitter

What is your favorite food??
PASTA. ANYTHING WITH BREAD. Or sugar…I love sugar. Peach rings are my weakness!

Do you have a favorite episode of modern family?
Hmmmm probably when I got to destroy that cake…pretty fun to do:)

If there was any advice you could give your younger self what would it be?
Usually I would say to not listen so much to people who criticize me for no reason (media, online trolls), but I’ve been thinking a lot recently about other things I wish I learned as well when I was younger, specifically the ins and outs of healthy emotional intimacy.

Have you ever wanted to do something in music?
I loveeeee singing to myself in the car 🙂 I have horrible stage freight so that has partially impacted my decision to not pursue!

Who would you wanna most work with on a movie or tv series?
Frances McDormand is a BOSS so that would be pretty cool! And obviously @Mariska because…do I even need to explain?

Whats a typical day for you?
Wake up, cuddle the doggos & my bf, try and make some food (I’m a horrible cook) until @LeviMeaden feels bad for me and takes over that task, call my dad and say hi, do some accounting, etc! Each day is different so it depends:)

Do you have any new projects coming up?
Not at the moment:) but I hope soon!

What’s the next movie you’ll be in??
Not sure at the moment:) looking for the next great thing!

Do you like cherry Pepsi/cola NEED TO PROVE MY FRIENDS WRONG! It’s the BEST
I do 🙂

What’s your favourite moment whilst filming Modern Family?
Going to Australia!

Favorite food?

R u sad Modern Family might b endin?
Definitely won’t be an easy exit as I’ve practically grown up on MF 🙁 will always be a huge part of me that I will cherish.

How did you end up on my timeline, more importantly do you identify as a cat or dog person?
dog person af &

Will you ever start a YouTube channel?
I will not!

What’s the most challenging thing about being in the limelight?
Honestly, the limelight sucks. I can’t do ANYTHING without there being a photo everywhere out in the world, and a million opinions from people who don’t know anything about my life. And everyone is always waiting for you to fail. It’s not for me anyways :/

What is Ty Burrell like?
absolutely lovely and extremely talented 🙂

When modern family comes to an end. What do you wish to pursue?
Movies and charities!

Is there any other city you’d think about living in? And if so, why?
I love traveling but I don’t think I could live anywhere but LA because of my family!

Beard or no beard?
I’m not a fan of beards but that’s just because I find them scratchy!

How did you get into acting?
I was entered into acting when I was 4 years old!

What cast member in modern family breaks character the most??
I think we all break character watching Ty Burrell do anything because he’s so damn funny

Where have you been lately? Please tell me you didn’t let the trolls and the haters drive you away from the twitters…
No nothing like that…I just find it’s nice to take a break for awhile 🙂 I’m also not good at twitter unless someone is talking to me and asking me questions! Otherwise I don’t know what to say!!!!!

Any plans for after Modern Family ends?
Would love to do movies!

I ask you this every Q&A – Where’s your album sister? 😩 You have such a beautiful voice I need more than Sofia music! We only got the one cover on your YouTube 🙁
You’re so sweet 🙂 I probably won’t be releasing any music unless my stage freight goes away!

Extra spicy or mild?
Mild! I can’t eat spicy food. 🙁

What music are you blasting lately? Need new playlists..
anything SZA!

When did u start in actress? What would u do if u have any free time? Btw luv u
I started at age 4! I would foster all of the dogs I could <3 Favorite Comedy movie or all time?
forgetting sarah marshall kills me every single time I watch it

@arielwinter1 how do you manage college with a successful acting career?
I unfortunately have had to put my studies on hold for the time being 🙁

What song are you vibin’ to rn?
I really like Talia from King Princess

Who is going to win the Stanley Cup? Washington or Vegas?
I know absolutely nothing about sports:/

Do you listen to any kinds of metal?
I do not

What you doing this weekend?
probably hang out with old friends and maybe do an escape room!

What’s one show that you can’t stop watching?
Bob’s Burgers!

Do you think the Modern Fam cast will all stay in touch after the final season? Or maybe work together in the future?
I would hope so!

Favorite song?
Again by @Kehlani right now!

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Where’s a state that you’ve never visited but would love to go to?

If you could spend the day with any celeb, who would you choose?

If you could switch to another profession; what would it be and why?
Professional dog cuddler

What is your favorite sugar cereal? Mine is Fruity Pebbles. Please respond, you wild, crazy, magnificent woman!
Lucky charms!

Would you want to become a mom someday?
I would LOVE to be a mom. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. However, I feel the process will be hard for me as I struggle with depression and anxiety, and while pregnant I have read that you aren’t allowed medications, but I’ll deal with that when it’s time 🙂

What’s your favourite type of dog?

With everything going on in Hollywood, do you feel like children are in danger entering acting/celeb lifestyles so early?
I’ve never felt that Hollywood is a safe space for a child to grow up. I worry for all child actors 🙁 most often I see parents whose dream was this industry so they push their children to the brink to live through them no matter what the cost. It’s devastating.

How big is your big toe?
Smaller than all of my other toes. It’s scary down there.

Where do babies come from?
I’ve always thought you pooped them out?

If you were to be cast in a superhero movie, would you want to be the heroine or the villain?

When people meet you with their kids, do they tell the kids that you are Sofia the First?
Sometimes!! We often don’t want to spoil it when they’re so young and get confused when they hear me do the voice and wonder why I’m not in the costume 🙂 so it depends on how old the kids are

What’s something you’re passionate about that people may not know about?

Eminem or tupac?
Both are amazing

If you were a powder puff girl which one would you be?

What’s your favorite charity? Why?
I work with @ChildrensLA often and I’m really into working with animals at the moment as well. I’m still kind of finding charities I’m passionate about and want to work with.

Do u dress for attention of others or just for urself?
I hate attention. Truly. Unless it’s from my loved ones and friends. Other than that I hide. When I go out, I dress for me and if someone doesn’t like it don’t look.

What’s your fav toe nail color?
Ahhhh no idea I always rely on the lovely nail experts to help me out

How do you survive in Hollywood?
I mostly stay home lol

@arielwinter1 good god woman, why are you so hot?????? There’s a good question, lol
lol I ask myself the same question every damn day I can’t live unless it’s cold af everywhere I am. #youngadultmenopause

Favorite holiday destination?
Some of the islands in Greece are gorgeous 🙂

What’s was your best memory when filming Speed Racer?
Going to Germany!!! I was so young it’s hard to remember now but I had a lovely time filming it.

Would you ever date a regular Joe kinda guy? As in someone not famous
I don’t date people based on their notoriety. I choose who I love based on who they are as a person.

How do you feel about in-n-out
Animal fries are my shit

@arielwinter1 have you ever ridden on a motorcycle (as rider or passenger)? If so what kind was it?
Once as a kid and I was TERRIFIED

Have you been to Montreal? Also you should check out banff, Alberta. Right in the Rocky mountains. So beautiful!
I’ve been to Banff!!! I loved it:) I also love Alberta 🙂

What’s your favourite thing To do in your free time

Which porn star do you like the most?
Penis McDingleberry & VaJean VonQueef

What’s your favorite part of your own body and your own personality?
Hmmmmmmmmm I’m a big fan of butts. And I guess my favorite part about my personality is how random it is? I’m an adult 75% of the time and a 12 year old boy 25%

If you had to pick one which of the three Dunphy kids would you choose to be yours in real life?
Definitely Alex

What movie do you wish you appeared in?
Die Hard!

What’s Ed O’Neil REALLY like?
He’s hilarious af and genuinely cares about the people he works with

Where do you see yourselve in 10 years?
Hopefully having a family and putting more work into charities!

Did you ever have another career in mind? You’re a great actress btw
Doctor! And thank you 🙂

Do you see yourself staying in TV or moving more into films once sadly MF finishes??
Not sure!!!

What’s your favorite position??
To sleep? To watch Netflix?

Watched The Last Movie Star yesterday, Burt is still cool. Question, did you really like naked Burt in his Cosmo photo? Always had a bit of a man crush on that guy myself although you keep me straight in those denims
HAHA he hates that photo

What is your favorite time of season?
Winter obviously 😉

Do you have a bucket list and what’s the most outrageous thing on it?
I do not have a bucket list but now I will start thinking of things to put on it!

Hey Ariel…what was your favorite season of Modern Family?
Season 1 because @Nolan_Gould was sooooo tiny

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