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Ariel Winter Feels ‘So Good’ & Is More Confident ‘Than Ever’ After Getting ‘Toned’ & Dying Hair Red

Ariel Winter, 21, is embracing her new look, which consists of a slimmer frame and sexy red hair, and it’s encouraging her to take things up a notch when it comes to her self care. “Ariel has been completely focused on self care, especially within the last year,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She’s always been extremely confident, but now more so than ever since she has leaned out and toned up. She drinks a lot of water and doesn’t really drink alcohol, either. She also doesn’t go out and party and is usually in bed at a very reasonable hour. She’s very low key and more of a homebody and enjoys eating in or cooking. It’s no surprise she’d want to change her look so drastically with her hair color just because she’s feeling so good about herself.”

Ariel first debuted her long red locks at the beginning of May after leaving a salon, and since then, she’s showed it off on numerous occasion, always looking comfortable and happy. She’s also always showing off her rock hard abs in crop tops, proving she’s not shy at all about flaunting what she’s got! Ariel’s also been very open about her journey in loving her body and even admitted to getting breast reduction surgery in the past, something that’s helped her tremendously.

“It took her body awhile to heal from the breast reduction surgery and as she got older, she found what worked for herself and her body and started doing yoga and pilates more and toned up,” the source continued. “She didn’t really go out of her way to lose weight, but she did. She really takes good care of herself and she’s really, really happy, mostly in thanks to [her boyfriend] Levi Meaden. He makes her feel good all of the time.”