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Ariel Winter Feels ‘So Good’ & Is More Confident ‘Than Ever’ After Getting ‘Toned’ & Dying Hair Red

Ariel Winter, 21, is embracing her new look, which consists of a slimmer frame and sexy red hair, and it’s encouraging her to take things up a notch when it comes to her self care. “Ariel has been completely focused on self care, especially within the last year,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “She’s always been extremely confident, but now more so than ever since she has leaned out and toned up. She drinks a lot of water and doesn’t really drink alcohol, either. She also doesn’t go out and party and is usually in bed at a very reasonable hour. She’s very low key and more of a homebody and enjoys eating in or cooking. It’s no surprise she’d want to change her look so drastically with her hair color just because she’s feeling so good about herself.”

Ariel first debuted her long red locks at the beginning of May after leaving a salon, and since then, she’s showed it off on numerous occasion, always looking comfortable and happy. She’s also always showing off her rock hard abs in crop tops, proving she’s not shy at all about flaunting what she’s got! Ariel’s also been very open about her journey in loving her body and even admitted to getting breast reduction surgery in the past, something that’s helped her tremendously.

“It took her body awhile to heal from the breast reduction surgery and as she got older, she found what worked for herself and her body and started doing yoga and pilates more and toned up,” the source continued. “She didn’t really go out of her way to lose weight, but she did. She really takes good care of herself and she’s really, really happy, mostly in thanks to [her boyfriend] Levi Meaden. He makes her feel good all of the time.”

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What Can We Expect from Modern Family Season 11?

When you enjoy a show on television, you sometimes forget how much time has passed. That’s certainly the case with watching Modern Family. It’s been almost 10 years since the first episode aired back in September of 2009, and so many things have happened on the show and with the Pritchett-Dunphy clan. We’ve literally seen the kids grow up on television, and we’ve grown to consider them part of the family—somehow. It’s sad to say goodbye, but we all know that all good things must come to an end eventually. Modern Family is saying farewell with its 11th season coming this fall.

Given that this will be the last time we’ll see the family get together on screen, we can safely expect crazier times than usual. The show has become quite an iconic series over the years, and it’s managed to stay strong for the entire time it was on the air. We’re pretty sure that there will be lots of tears to be shed and belly laughs to be had, but that’s almost a given on a show like Modern Family. However, reports that there will be plenty of other milestones to be had in this last season. We know that season 10 gave us a glimpse into so many family milestones, but we also thought that season 10 was going to be the final season of the show.

The creators of Modern Family, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, assured us that we really haven’t seen everything just yet. It’s exciting to think about what could those writers possibly mean, but you could almost cringe at the notion as well. The family has done some pretty outrageous things in the past, and we’re fairly certain that they will take it even farther this season.

The season 10 finale was quite a big one for everyone in the show. This article from outlines Sarah Hyland’s big moment in the entire series. Hyland’s character Haley gave birth to twins in the finale, which is a great set up for season 11 to start with. It’s quite a circle of life moment for the show, considering that Hyland’s character was only a kid when Modern Family first aired. Now that the Pritchett-Dunphy clan is growing, we could only cross our fingers for a spinoff announcement before the show completely closes its doors.

We can expect all the original stars to come back. The adults are definitely signed on, and that includes Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet. According to, the renewal for season 11 relied heavily on the return of all the original kids—Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Rico Rodriguez, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Considering that the final season has been announced, we can probably expect every member of the gang to show up. It’ll be a great way to end the series, with all of the family together on screen. Continue reading “What Can We Expect from Modern Family Season 11?”

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Pamela Anderson hits back at Ariel Winter’s body shamers

Pamela Anderson has come out in support of Ariel Winter against the “Modern Family” star’s online body shamers.

Winter, 21, stepped out in a black cocktail dress at a party this week, revealing a slimmed-down physique and a stunning new red hairstyle.

But the former child star has been slammed by some online critics over her sudden weight change – including from some who even suggested she’d had plastic surgery, which Winter denied.

Former “Baywatch” star Anderson – who wrote “Stay strong @ArielWinter1” – explained on Twitter, “This social media world is a playground for shamers. It takes no thought or time to hurt people….it goes as far as the President of the United States. He’s definitely set a horrible example of self-restraint.”

Speaking from personal experience, Anderson sympathized, “While we all read our comments and are happy when we receive praise and devastated when someone is mean. And we want to defend ourselves. It’s a waste of energy to engage.”

She continued, “Unfortunately when you are in the public eye you are going to have people judge your every move…I prefer not to look.”

Perhaps alluding to her famous sex tape with former husband Tommy Lee which was stolen and leaked online in 1995, leaving her devastated, Anderson added, “I’ve learned that then (even back then) – your image can get away from you. It can negatively affect your career. Nobody is a cartoon character. We all have imperfect lives, pasts, things we were embarrassed of or want to remain private.”

She concluded, “Beauty is on the inside. And the only thing that is not beautiful is to be caddy [sic], rude, jealous, knee jerk or bully someone.”

Winter, who was 11 when “Modern Family” premiered in 2009, celebrated her 21st birthday in January and posted an Instagram picture of herself in a jumpsuit, which set the trolls off about her weight loss.

One wrote, “Nothing wrong with being honest and telling her we liked her better before ‘the change’ she was so beautiful before she started chopping up her body and if me saying so helps one gurl [sic] out there to feel beautiful who’s thinking of PS then its worth it.”

Winter fired back, “I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down.”

“I also didn’t get plastic surgery. That is also not being supportive of women if you’re just assuming something about the way they look.”