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‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Laughs Off Media Report About Her ‘Super Strict Diet’

Ariel Winter has dished out the real skinny on her dietary habits — and it might not be what you’ve read in the media.

“Modern Family” star Winter had a laugh at the media’s expense Thursday night, mocking a report that she keeps herself on a short leash when it comes to sugar and carbs.

In a tweet Thursday night, Winter said that she was tipped off to the article by a friend.

In the tweet, punctuated on both ends by crying-with-laughter emojis, Winter noted that “my friend sent me the funniest article that’s apparently in OK about my ‘super strict diet’ and how I only go out to eat if it’s healthy food and I don’t allow sugar in the house…….”

The actress continued, “HAHAHA I eat every carb possible and I make soft chocolate chip cookies every week…”

Winter was possibly referring to an OK! article published Thursday bearing the title, “How’d She Do It? Inside Ariel Winter’s Amazing Weight Loss.”

The article reads, “A source spilled to OK! magazine that the ‘Modern Family’ actress has an extremely strict diet.”

It continues, “Ariel cuts out sugar completely and avoids carbs whenever she can,” the insider shared.

The article goes on to state, “While cutting out carbs is usually a good idea when trying to lose weight, the star also ‘won’t allow any sweets in her home and only meets people for healthy meals.’”