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Ariel Winter Shows Off 10 Lb. Weight Loss

There have been plenty of paparazzi shots showing Ariel Winter on her regular trips to the gym. All that working out as paid off as the 20-year-old actress is rocking her most toned body ever and flaunted her taut tummy and tight figure in an incredible outfit while running errands in Studio City, CA on Dec. 7. She flashed her abs in a black crop top with a stylish black leather motorcycle jacket over it (it IS still almost winter after all). Her 10 pound weight loss really showed in her blue skinny jeans, as she added black knee high boots to complete her look. Even Ariel’s face is slimmer with her cheeks and jawline more pronounced.

Ari has been all about sharing her body shaping journey with fans, as she regularly posts videos of her intense workouts to her Instagram page. On Oct. 11 she shared a vid where she maintained a plank pose — which is an insanely great core exercise — while doing leg lifts with ankle weight on. So not only was she toning her tummy, she was sculpting her legs and booty in the process. Fans were all on board with her workout as the vid got over a million likes.

The Modern Family star has worked with her personal trainer Mack for over a year and the results have been so impressive. Ariel has been candid in the past about body confidence issues, which she has posted about on her Instagram when people have shamed her for flaunting too much flesh. “It’s really taken me years to be able to get to a place where I’m OK with it. I’d read the negative comments and think to myself, ‘well maybe if I just change [this one thing] people will like me,’” she told in 2016 after getting cyber bullied.

‘Over the years, I’ve struggled with body confidence issues… It’s really important nowadays to empower young women — and young men… to feel really good about themselves, not only their appearance, but to feel good enough to stand up for themselves when necessary. I started to realize that I can’t win. If I can’t win, I’m going to work on a relationship with myself, which I also think is the most important thing we can teach young women and men today,” she added.