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Ariel Winter Gets Political, Encourages Instagram Followers To Vote

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions when it comes to politics. Celebrities fit into a bit of a unique category because they accumulate a following and fan base they can share their political views with. In the last 24 hours, Modern Family star Ariel Winter decided to step up on social media and get political.

“Voting is your right,” the 20-year-old actress exclaimed to her 3.9 million followers on Instagram. While Winter decided not to openly share what her political views were, she did want her fans and followers to know she exercised her right to vote. More importantly, she wanted to make it clear that she took the time to make an “informed” decision.

“I took time last week to go over all of my voting materials because I wanted to be sure I was making informed decisions. Please, register to vote today (if you haven’t already), educate yourselves on the propositions and candidates, and get out to the polls on November 6th,” the actress said in her Instagram post as she encouraged her fans to follow in her footsteps.

The first photo featured Ariel holding up an “I Voted” sticker. The second photo featured the young actress standing with Sharon Sacks, Winter’s studio teacher on the site of Modern Family. In addition to using the post to encourage her followers to vote, Winter also used the post as an opportunity to pay tribute to Sharon and thank her for being an inspiration.

“The woman in the second photo is someone incredibly important to me. She was my studio teacher on Modern Family since the show began, but more importantly, she’s family. Sharon made sure to instill in me the importance of fighting for what I believe in and never being silenced— no matter the cost. We ALL have a voice and a right to be heard,” Ariel added as she explained who the woman in the second photo was.

In just 24 hours, Ariel’s political Instagram post had accumulated over 105,000 likes and over 500 comments. Unfortunately, her message did not seem to be well-received by the individuals leaving comments.

Many criticized her for copying Taylor Swift who recently attracted a lot of attention for getting political on Instagram as well. Those same individuals, however, pointed out the deadline to register to vote had already passed in a lot of states. Continue reading “Ariel Winter Gets Political, Encourages Instagram Followers To Vote”