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‘Modern Family’ cast on ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ show

Eric Stonestreet is used to getting scared when he’s on Ellen, but he turned the tables on his “Modern Family” co-stars on set. While he managed to catch most of them off-guard, he still couldn’t shake some of them with his unexpected scares.

The cast of ‘Modern Family’ have been working together for a decade, but how well do they really know each other? Ellen finds out who worked as a mall model and who used their 3-year-old brother as a “toy mule” in this game of “Modern Family Secrets”!

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Then & Now: The ‘Modern Family’ Cast’s Shocking Transformation From Season 1

See how Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and the rest of the Dunphy-Pritchett family have changed since their debut on “Modern Family” in 2009!

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Ariel Winter Learned the Hard Way About Using the BTS Hashtag on Twitter

Ariel Winter had to learn a very important lesson about hashtags by making an innocent fandom mistake on Twitter this week. BTS fans, of course, are watching #BTS very closely for the latest news about the K-pop group — so Ariel really threw off the ARMY with one of her latest tweets.

The sitcom actor wanted to gives fans a heads up about her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show so she posted pictures of herself backstage of the show on Twitter. She captioned the pictures with “#BTS of filming @TheEllenShow today .” But though she meant “behind the scenes” it didn’t take long for people to remind her about another meaning for #BTS.

Fans began giving her tips about the popular hashtag for the future. One person replied, “Hey, you may want to type out Behind the Scenes. The tag above links directly to BTS the KPop group…” Another fan tweeted a funny prediction with, “Army’s coming in 3… 2… 1…”

The tweets must have helped because Ariel followed up her first tweet with, “I meant behind the scenes not BTS the group Hahahaha .” Fans were pretty understanding about the confusion. One replied, “It’s ok, for the longest time I thought BTS were “between takes” lol.”

It’s unknown whether Ariel is a fan of BTS but if not, maybe she’ll try out their music now. It seems like a match made in heaven given the young actor is often promoting self-love on social media.