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Ariel Winter shamed for wearing low-cut dress

Ariel Winter’s latest outfit is fetching some unsolicited advice — and fans are fed up.

On Tuesday night, the Modern Family actress joined her co-star Sarah Hyland for Variety‘s annual Power of Young Hollywood event. Winter wore a black cocktail dress with a low, sweetheart neckline for the occasion, with a small cutout detail offering a tiny flash of flesh.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Hyland joked that her own outfit, complete with eyeglasses, was better suited to the bookish character played by Winter on the show, Alex Dunphy. Winter agreed, joking, “I’m Alex with Haley’s [the character played by Hyland] fashion sense.”

The remark prompted one commenter to weigh in with a lecture accusing Winter of dressing in a “slυtty” manner.

The poster also claimed that the 20-year-old actress would be “so much more comfortable and confident” if she wore more conservative clothes, such as baggy sweats.

While Winter is known for firing back at trolls who shame her over her body and clothing, it was her fans who rushed in to put the critic in their place.

“Let her be what she wants and wear what she wants,” read one response. “And shut up. Nobody asked you anything.”

“And what makes you think she doesn’t feel confident in what she wears?” challenged another fan. “I don’t think she’d be wearing it if she didn’t like it and feel confident in it.”

“This isn’t the 1800s — ladies empower themselves by wearing clothes that make them feel sexy and confident,” wrote one of Winter’s defenders. “Please educate yourself.”

“She could walk around in a bedsheet and people would still find something to pick on,” another supporter told the troll. “This is why other people have confidence issues, because there’s always someone like you making something out of nothing.”

It wasn’t just Winter’s fans showing their loyalty in the comments. People also rose to Hyland’s defense, after a body-shaming troll remarked that she “really needs to eat.” Hyland has been vocal about the weight struggles caused by the kidney dysplasia she suffers from.