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Ariel Winter Deletes Her Twitter After Going Off On Epic Rant

Ariel Winter went off on a major Twitter rant on Tuesday about the price of fame which eventually led to her deleting her account on the popular social media platform.

Ariel flipped out about photographers following her constantly in the beginning of her rant on Twitter Tuesday. “If a paparazzi attempts to take another f***ing picture in front of my house one more time I swear to god I will find ANY SORT of legal action.”

“Sad when you literally enjoy your job but hate every part of the fame aspect,” she continued in a separate tweet. “Also sad when you desperately want to move somewhere remote so you can just live a normal life in peace. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I hate being followed and I hate my s**t out in the news.”

The end ranted with a wave emoji before she deleted her Twitter for good. She posted something similar on her Instagram (which still remains active as of Wednesday morning), with a story that read “In the process of deleting all social media,” with the wave emoji intact again. The 20-year-old actress made the announcement of her intentions to remove herself from all social media just before 2:30 p.m.

Nothing can be found on her Twitter account, and it seems like her Instagram could be removed at any moment. Ariel stirred up some users on Monday when she posted a picture of herself at the gym, wearing an explicit T-shirt that read: ‘keep calm and eat a bag of d**ks.’ It is unknown whether the responses she received had anything to do with the her choice to remove herself from socials.