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Ariel Winter Sells Modern Farmhouse, Buys Another

Covid-19 quarantines have just about everyone everywhere, including L.A’s rich and famous Tinseltowners, antsy for a change of scenery. While most make due with a day-trip up the coast or a stolen weekend in the desert, those with pockets deep enough can more momentously scratch that itch with a new house. Case in point: “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter, who has switched up her mid-pandemic residential circumstances with the slightly more than $2.8 million sale of a modern farmhouse-style home in L.A.’s increasingly celeb-favored Studio City community and the $3.5 million purchase of a somewhat larger (though not-so-dissimilar) modern farmhouse-style spread a short distance away.

Winter, who has grown up in front of TV viewing audiences from a mousey pre-teen to a bona fide bombshell, didn’t likely realize much (if any) profit on the house she’s just sold, which she bought about 3.5 years ago for a smidgen under $2.7 million. Obscured behind a tall hedge and equipped with a home automation system that incorporates a comprehensive security apparatus with eight cameras, the contemporary-minded traditional was newly built when she bought it and contains five bedrooms and five and a half baths in close to 5,100 square feet.

A serene courtyard entry and a double-height foyer give way to adjoining formal living and dining rooms, the former with an elegantly spare fireplace and both with eye-catching contemporary light fixtures that hang from coffered ceilings. A butlers pantry complete with a wine cabinet lined in whitewashed bricks links the dining room to a spacious gourmet kitchen that gleams with marble counters on sugar-white Shaker-style cabinets set off by stainless appliances and trendy brass sink fixtures. The kitchen is completely open to an informal dining area as well as a family room with a pale-grey polished marble fireplace between built-in storage cabinets as its focal point. Glass sliders vanish into the walls to merge the room with the backyard. A games room, guest suite and home office complete the main floor.
Upstairs, a second games lounge, this one with a pool table and built-in desks, is surrounded by a couple of family bedrooms with boldly tiled private baths. The principal bedroom faces the rear for maximum privacy and includes a fireplace, two fitted walk-n closets and a lavishly appointed bathroom large enough to comfortably accommodate a cherry red lounge chair and ottoman alongside the soaking tub and steam shower.

High hedges ensure the grassy backyard is completely private, while a covered patio and built-in grill amp up the al fresco entertainment options, as do the de rigueur swimming pool and spa.

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‘Modern Family’s Ariel Winter To Star In ‘Don’t Log Off’ Thriller From Baer Brothers

Ariel Winter has booked her first film role following her long and successful run as Alex Dunphy on ABC’s beloved sitcom Modern Family. Winter is joining Don’t Log Off, an indie feature set entirely during the early days of the COVID-19 quarantine. The comedy-thriller marks the directorial debut from the Baer Brothers, Brandon Baer and Garrett Baer.

Additional casting includes Luke Benward (Dumplin’) Ashley Argota (The Fosters), Brielle Barbusca (Big Time Adolescence), Sterling Beaumon (The Killing), Jack Griffo (Alexa & Katie), Khylin Rhambo (Teen Wolf), and Kara Royster (Pretty Little Liars)

Production is currently underway. The plot, written by the Brothers, revolves around six friends attending a virtual surprise party when the birthday girl suddenly goes missing.

It is a hybrid production, shot both virtually and on location. Beaumon, Benward, and Winter are also producing the project along with Nicole Smolen and Austin Seltzer.

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Ariel Winter Debuts Platinum Blonde

Anyone who watched Modern Family knows Ariel Winter (and her character, Alex Dunphy) as a brunette. However, when the show wrapped its final season in February, she wasted no time dyeing her dark-brown hair strawberry blonde. It didn’t come as a huge surprise — the actor had briefly dyed her hair red in 2019 between seasons and openly pined for a return to an orangey hue. But as much as she loved being a redhead, it appears Winter is ready to move on to an entirely new hair color.

Instead of returning to her natural dark-chocolate shade, Winter has bleached her hair platinum blonde. She debuted the new look on Instagram in a post featuring six similarly-posed photos in which she’s lounging on a striped outdoor sofa in Los Angeles. “Winter Is Coming!!!!!!!!!!!” she wrote in the caption — a Game of Thrones reference combining her last name and recalling the icy-blonde hair of Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys Targaryen. “You could play Marilyn,” another comment read. “Looking like Monroe!” a fan added.

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Ariel Winter on Mental Health, Trolls and Life After “Modern Family”

The changing seasons are always tumultuous, with storms washing away the stains of months past and nature struggling to shed or regrow. This spring has been particularly uncertain, to say the least. But in early March, when actor Ariel Winter showed up in Manhattan, it seemed spring had come early, and it wasn’t just the warm temperatures and premature blooms that indicated the shift.

On April 8, Modern Family will air its final episode, closing an 11-year chapter in Ariel’s life. The 22-year-old has played Alex Dunphy on the Emmy-winning show for exactly half of her life. With more than ten million viewers per episode, Ariel is very recognizable as Alex; she is someone viewers think they know. She has a dry sense of humor and a quick wit; she speaks fast and delivers punchlines with ease. In those ways, she’s like the character she plays on TV. But that’s where the comparison stops.

Ariel seems cognizant of the balance between performing, what people think Ariel Winter is like, and actually being Ariel Winter: She’s a smart, kind, and strong young woman who’s developeAriel is now emerging from the security of her long-running show as an adult, tasked with making her way in the world as a young woman. She’s still figuring out what that will look like.

“Life is not predictable,” Ariel tells Teen Vogue, sitting on a couch with her leg tucked under her newly red hair flowing over her shoulders. “That’s why it’s unknown and it’s scary. So I try to go with the flow as much as possible.” She’s just finished one photo shoot, and is pausing to chat before she rushes to another. “I do not like lack of control,” she adds. “I don’t like that. So that’s definitely been hard for me.”

But just because Ariel doesn’t know what the future holds doesn’t mean she doesn’t know who she is.d a thick skin over the years — but she’s not untouchable.

Some celebrities maintain a quiet, different-than-you air, even when you’re standing right next to them. But Ariel isn’t like that; she speaks easily and honestly and looks you in the eye. On a gray day in New York, stylists and makeup artists flurry around her, primping and preening her for a photo shoot. Ariel jokes with all of them, remaining flexible, working with the team to find outfits she likes. In front of the camera she moves with the confidence of someone who’s done this many times before. There’s no pretension to her.

Born Ariel Winter Workman, she grew up in Hollywood. Ariel first hit the scene at age five, in a Cool Whip commercial. After various smaller roles, she landed the part of Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, in 2009, when she was just 11, playing the nerdy middle child in a quirky but close family, often acting as the grounding presence in a head-in-the-clouds bunch. In real life, Ariel’s family life wasn’t quite as picturesque. She moved in with her sister, Shanelle Gray, when she was 14, and was legally emancipated from her mother — who she’s spoken about in the past — a year later. Continue reading “Ariel Winter on Mental Health, Trolls and Life After “Modern Family””

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Ariel Winter’s Next Chapter: Being Normal

Ariel Winter stepped on her first set — a commercial for Cool Whip — when she was just 4 years old. The Modern Family star, now 22, has lived her entire life inside Hollywood’s fishbowl, where social media trolls press their faces up against the glass and toss their unsolicited opinions into the water like bait. “They’re so detailed,” she says. “Somebody could comment a whole paragraph about one of my teeth all the way in the back, like, ‘Her canine is… too long and pointy!’ I wasn’t even smiling in any photo. How did you see that?” It’s no wonder that as Modern Family wraps its 11-season run, Winter finds herself craving mundanity. “A normal life is so precious,” Winter tells Elite Daily. “People inside Hollywood don’t realize that.”

Winter was homeschooled as a child, so the sets of the shows she guest-starred on functioned as her schoolyard. When she was 11, she didn’t crush on an awkward classmate, but on David Lyons, her uber-hot, much older, Australian ER co-star on ER. “It was never going to happen, obviously. But, in my heart, I was like, ‘Maybe.’” Lyons played a doctor who couldn’t save Winter’s character’s mom after a car accident, and the script called for her to aggressively fight him. “I don’t know what washed over me,” she says. “Instead of me trying to fight him off and run away, I just ran and jumped in his arms. It was like slow-mo. They cut and everyone was crying laughing. He was, and I was, mortified.”

Though Winter would have preferred not to make an absolute fool of herself in front of a film crew, going after her first crush, albeit unsuccessfully, was a rite of passage. She’s now on the cusp of another milestone: On April 8, Modern Family will air its series finale on ABC. Winter spent half her life playing Alex Dunphy, the highly intelligent middle child whose overachiever personality makes it hard to keep friends. In many respects, Winter is completely different from Alex — “[I] hated the clothes I had to wear” — but she still respects the hell out of the character. “What I’ve always liked about Alex is she always knew exactly what she wanted for her professional life,” she says.

Winter may not identify with Alex’s academic genius, but she can relate to feeling disconnected from her peers. “Homeschool is very isolating. I don’t really recommend it for people,” she says. “Having that life experience [is really important] — even though it will probably suck, because it sucks for everyone.” Winter moved in with her sister, Shanelle Gray, at 14 after being removed from her mother’s custody, and later emancipated, at which point she enrolled in “real” high school. “I was not good at it,” she says. “I didn’t really know how social interactions worked. I spent the majority of my life around adults, even as a kid. The majority of my friends were 20 years older than me. So I just wasn’t well-versed in talking to people my age.” Continue reading “Ariel Winter’s Next Chapter: Being Normal”

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Ariel Winter’s Rumored Boyfriend Luke Benward Shares Sweet Birthday Posts

Ariel Winter is turning 22 surrounded by love! The “Modern Family” star got a pair of romantic birthday wishes from reported boyfriend Luke Benward, who posted loved-up photos of him and Ariel in honor of her special day. Ariel and Luke were first linked in December, following her split from now-ex Levi Meaden:

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How Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter Supported Each Other Against Bodyshaming Trolls

Ariel Winter was only 11-years old when she filmed the pilot and had to grow up on camera and remembered, “I especially hated the year I had braces. I do have to say it was a really awkward year for me, because I also went through puberty that summer so it was braces and then over the summer once we wrapped, I had other things.”

“I definitely think it’s really difficult to grow up in front of people who have an opinion on everything you do and are allowed to say it at any point, or keyboard troll,” she added, referring to the internet commentary Winter received after developing breasts. The actress eventually got a breast reduction surgery in 2015. “It’s definitely difficult but yeah, we have great support in each other.”

Part of Winter’s support system on the show was co-star Sarah Hyland, who was at 18 years old at the start of Modern Family but had her own difficulties dealing with body changes while in front of the camera.

“I have cringeworthy season, not because of puberty, but because of health things, so I cannot stand I think it’s like Season 4 or 5, because I had very bad stretches on face and I gained like 30 pounds,” Hyland revealed, referring to the ime period she was battling kidney dysplasia. “That, for me, was something that Ariel and I were going through around the same time … People really love to show the love to attack women, especially, and I think Ariel is such an amazing woman … I think between the two of us, we really have gone and tackled them with all of our fighting with our might and wit.”

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Ariel Winter & Luke Benward’s Romance Has Heated Up ‘Dramatically’: What She Loves About Him

Ariel Winter, 21, and Luke Benward, 24, are growing so much closer since rumors of their potential relationship started swirling in October 2019. The duo “have been close friends and running in the same squad since at least late 2016/early 2017,” a source shared EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife. But since Ariel’s quiet split from Levi Meaden, 32, at the end of August 2019, Luke and Ariel’s relationship has been taken to a whole new level. Although they were first spotted out in October, “things were not serious,” as the source continued, but noted “that has changed dramatically over the past two months.”

While the pair have definitely grown closer, they still have yet to have “‘the talk’ about being official,” the source went on. However, “it’s pretty much assumed because neither one is dating anybody else and they spend almost all their free time together.” Ariel even brought Luke to the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globe Awards after-party on Jan. 5. Though they didn’t walk the red carpet together, Ariel, decked out in a stunning neon dress, met him inside where they were practically inseparable. “They definitely have a connection and feel very comfortable with each other since they were friends for so long before things heated up,” the source added.

More than anything, Luke is really all about letting Ariel live her best life and is just so happy to be a part of it. “Ariel loves how Luke has such a positive vibe all the time, he’s always up for a good time, he knows how to have fun, and he lets her be herself,” the source shared. Along with their strong connection, Luke “makes her feel sexy,” but more importantly, Ariel feel so “safe with him because he’s always there for her.” The pair seem to be such a good fit for each other. And beyond their strong relationship, they really do have a fun time when they’re out and about together!

Ever the doting companion, “Luke treats Ariel like a princess and he doesn’t take himself too seriously so they’re always having a blast,” the source concluded. While Ariel may have gone through a difficult transition following her split from Levi, Luke has seemingly picked up the pieces and made her feel great. The pair have been seen out together so often, and we cannot wait to see more of them as they continue to explore their potential relationship in the new year!

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Ariel Winter & Luke Benward Pack On The PDA At Golden Globes After-Party

Ariel Winter attended the event in a neon green gown with her rumored new boyfriend, Luke Benward. She was spotted introducing him to three of her female friends. Luke seemed a bit shy, but according to the eyewitness, Winter “seems really happy” in this new relationship.

“Ariel was in great spirits and looked amazing,” an eyewitness told us EXCLUSIVELY. “Luke and Ariel danced to “Bonnie and Clyde” by JAY-Z and Beyonce and other songs, and she cuddled up on him. They were kissing affectionately and softly while dancing. They were really cute and not overly-heavy on the PDA. She checked in with him often and danced with him. She seemed to be enjoying herself and they seem quite happy.” This was the first high-profile event that Ariel and Luke attended together, and it seems like he fit right in!

“Ariel is really happy with Luke and thinks he is a great match for her,” a source tells Us. “She loves his energy and charisma and feels very comfortable around him. Ariel is trying to keep her relationship with Luke somewhat private and isn’t telling a ton of people that they’re dating, but they are.”

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Ariel Winter & Luke Benward ‘Having Fun’: She’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ 4 Months After Levi Meaden Breakup

Ariel Winter, 21, may not be ready to put a label on her relationship with Luke Benward, 24 — but she is definitely enjoying herself! “She’s definitely having fun with Luke right now,” a source close to the actress reveals to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Despite being seen with Luke, Ariel is considering herself finally single and happier than she has been in a long time. She takes her relationships very seriously and when she falls in love she throws every bit of herself into into it.” Ariel and Luke were close friends for years before things took a romantic turn, and have plenty of common given their early starts in the entertainment industry.

It was confirmed that Ariel ended her longterm relationship with Breaking Bad star Levi Meaden, 32, on Oct. 11 — but the split reportedly occurred in August. The Modern Family star and the Canadian actor dated for three years, and also lived together at her Los Angeles area home. Though the pair seemed like a solid couple, age difference ultimately played a role: 21-year-old Ariel didn’t want to be a homebody, and felt like she was losing touch with her friends through the relationship. “Ariel absolutely loves going out and is enjoying single life and partying up a storm,” the source adds. “Finally now she is back to her old self and her friends are over the moon. Everyone sees how happy she is right now.”