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Ariel Winter’s Reaction to Her Dramatic Hair Transformation Is Honestly All of Us

Two months ago, Modern Family star Ariel Winter debuted her most dramatic hair transformation thus far — having gone from long, jet black waves to bright red ones with fresh layers. Winter told POPSUGAR that it the new look took some getting used to.

“I was definitely scared since it was such a big, huge hair change,” she said. “After it was done . . . I knew I liked it, but it was so drastic and I looked so different. I felt like I didn’t look like me — not in a bad way — but it was just something I had to get used to.”

What she did next was so relatable: “The next day I was walking past my bathroom mirror and saw the red hair was freaked out thinking that someone was in my bathroom,” she said. “I saw a red hair on my bed, and I was like ‘Whose is this?’ And then, you know, remembered it was me.” She ultimately fell in love with the look and that hair is important to her. The newly minted spokesperson for Ulta Beauty’s “The Salon at Ulta” said that one of her go-to rituals to make herself feel beautiful is getting her hair professionally styled. “If I don’t have makeup on or haven’t showered that day — if my hair is done I feel better,” she said. “When my hair is done, or even just blow-dried, it really just makes me feel a little better.” Winter went on to say that she discovered a hair tool that changed the game when it comes to styling her new red hair.

The new spokesperson for “The Salon at Ulta Beauty” explains what she loves about getting her blowout from its new menu. “It works really great with my hair,” she said about the blowout she had gotten, and she explained that she loves the salon’s newest menu for how it caters to different hair types. “If someone has thin hair, it still works for you.”

Winter explained that she discovered a “game-changing” hair tool while on-set for Modern Family. “The Dyson [Supersonic] Hair Dryer ($400) definitely changed the game,” she said. “It definitely dries so much faster than any other hairdryer I’ve ever used.” She went on to explain that the blow dryer dried her hair in five minutes (while it typically takes her 20-25 minutes to have her hair blown out).

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