30 October 2018
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Ariel Winter, 20, has plans for November 6. The actress is voting in the midterm elections, and she expects to see you at the polls! HollywoodLife caught up with the Modern Family star at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s A Time For Heroes Family Festival, and she told us in an EXCLUSIVE interview that there’s no excuse to not vote if you’re 18 and over!

“If you’re confused about how to do it, there are people everywhere that you can ask; there are websites that can [help you] figure it out,” she said. If you can’t make it to the polls, you can mail in your ballot, which is what I did.” Solid advice! “I just think it’s important to vote in general because whatever say we can have in shaping our future is very important,” she continued. “What’s interesting is that while a lot of people in my generation find it important to vote, they don’t always get out there and do it. They’ll tell everybody else, ‘you have to go vote’ or ‘I voted,’ but they haven’t really done it.”

Don’t be that person! While Ariel says that she has “a lot of political views” she doesn’t like sharing the specifics. What she wants is for everyone to vote. “I just think it’s important to just [vote for] whoever you want or whoever you feel passionate about. Go out and vote, and hopefully it’s [for] something good — and not something terrible.” Yes, that would be ideal! The November 6 midterms are just nine days away now, but there’s still time to make a difference. Check HERE via our partner, Rock the Vote, for all the information you need to make informed decisions before casting your ballot.

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