14 September 2018
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Ariel Winter is saying goodbye to Princess Sofia, and the actress is getting a bit emotional about it.

On Thursday, Winter took to Instagram to bid farewell to the animated character she brought to life on Disney’s Sofia the First. The show’s ending had already been announced, but Winter said it was difficult for her to come to terms with the ending.

“It’s taken me so long to post about the ending of Sofia The First because for a large part of my life, it is a project that has been so near and dear to my heart,” Winter wrote. “For the past 7 or so years, I’ve been so lucky to play Princess Sofia, as well as work with the amazing team that made this project as special as it is.”

Sofia the First debuted in 2012, three years after Winter’s television breakout in Modern Family. The show told the story of Sofia, a girl who became a princess after her mother married the king and had to learn how to navigate a new world of castles and royalty. It taught lessons of acceptance, loyalty, and friendship, becoming one of Disney’s most popular animated programs.

Ariel Winter is saying goodbye to Sofia the First, and the actress penned an emotional farewell to her character Princess Sofia.

After seven years in the shoes of a princess, Ariel Winter is laying down the crown. Disney’s Sofia the First, an animated children’s series about a newly minted princess navigating her new ranks as a royal, is coming to an end. On Thursday, following an extended-length finale of the show, Winter took to Instagram to post a tribute to her character, the series, and the fans. (more…)