10 December 2018
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Ariel’s in a happy relationship with Levi Meaden and had been together for two years. Their relationship started raising eyebrows on the web when news that they were dating first broke out. The issue primarily focused on the age gap between the pair. Levi Meaden is 31 years old, while Ariel Winter is 20 years old.

Although nothing has been confirmed, it’s been speculated that the reason the actress chose a much older guy to date is related to how she was raised. Ariel Winter said that she was emotionally and physically abused by her mother when she was a child. As such, it would make sense that she would gravitate towards people who are older than her and someone who can provide a sense of stability for her life.

This is doubly true if her past statements are thrown into the mix. “I needed somebody who had a lot of life experience and who was at a point in their lives that they could take care of another person, but where I didn’t have to take care of them,” Ariel Winter said. So far, Levi Meaden seems to give her the comfort and affection that she needs and that’s what really matters when It’s all said and done.

8 December 2018
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There have been plenty of paparazzi shots showing Ariel Winter on her regular trips to the gym. All that working out as paid off as the 20-year-old actress is rocking her most toned body ever and flaunted her taut tummy and tight figure in an incredible outfit while running errands in Studio City, CA on Dec. 7. She flashed her abs in a black crop top with a stylish black leather motorcycle jacket over it (it IS still almost winter after all). Her 10 pound weight loss really showed in her blue skinny jeans, as she added black knee high boots to complete her look. Even Ariel’s face is slimmer with her cheeks and jawline more pronounced.

Ari has been all about sharing her body shaping journey with fans, as she regularly posts videos of her intense workouts to her Instagram page. On Oct. 11 she shared a vid where she maintained a plank pose — which is an insanely great core exercise — while doing leg lifts with ankle weight on. So not only was she toning her tummy, she was sculpting her legs and booty in the process. Fans were all on board with her workout as the vid got over a million likes.

The Modern Family star has worked with her personal trainer Mack for over a year and the results have been so impressive. Ariel has been candid in the past about body confidence issues, which she has posted about on her Instagram when people have shamed her for flaunting too much flesh. “It’s really taken me years to be able to get to a place where I’m OK with it. I’d read the negative comments and think to myself, ‘well maybe if I just change [this one thing] people will like me,’” she told EliteDaily.com in 2016 after getting cyber bullied.

‘Over the years, I’ve struggled with body confidence issues… It’s really important nowadays to empower young women — and young men… to feel really good about themselves, not only their appearance, but to feel good enough to stand up for themselves when necessary. I started to realize that I can’t win. If I can’t win, I’m going to work on a relationship with myself, which I also think is the most important thing we can teach young women and men today,” she added.

3 December 2018
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Ariel Winter is showing that the sisterly bond between her and “Modern Family” co-star Sarah Hyland is bigger than TV.

Over the weekend, Hyland’s cousin and uncle were involved in a serious car crash in Omaha, Nebraska. Her uncle, Bryan, is recovering in the hospital, but her 14-year-old cousin, Trevor, was killed.

Hyland lashed out at the alleged driver, who she claims had two prior DUI’s and allegedly tried to run from the scene of the accident. She called the driver a “murderer” and said he should “rot in hell.” Hyland also posted a GoFundMe to help raise money for her cousin’s funeral expenses.

So far, the highest donation is from Ariel Winter who gave $2,500. Hyland donated as well, kicking in $1,000 on her own behalf.

It also appears the girls’ co-star Sofía Vergara donated $1,000 under the handle, “S Ver.”

The money raised from the GoFundMe is expected to cover funeral costs and medical costs for Hyland’s uncle.

29 November 2018
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Ariel Winter newest accessory completely stole the show of her entire outfit and it was impressive.

The Modern Family star hung out in New York City on Monday, where she accessorized her navy teddy coat (which, btw, I officially want to live in all winter) with some serious bling. Her right pointer finger was decorated with jewelry designer Norah Sermez’s $2,300 “Immaculate Heart” sparkler, featuring a 7mm pink heart-shaped sapphire and white diamonds set in 18-karat yellow gold. But it isn’t just the stunning stones that make the ring unique: The design also includes intricate gold work, with a cross, two roses, and a crown surrounding the pink heart.

The ring seemed to prove its worth as a multifunctional piece when Ariel swapped her head-to-toe navy look for a cropped cream turtleneck (or better known as “the biggest conundrum of the fashion world) and a pair of red plaid pants. She also traded her open-toe sandals for a more seasonally functional pair of red pointy toe boots and pushed back her middle-part blowout with a silver barrette.

While in New York, Ariel Winter sat down with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa on Live With Ryan and Kelly to talk about what it’s been like to grow up on camera for 10 years. “I’m very lucky to have the job I have. It’s great, but it’s like a double edge sword. It’s fun because now throughout the years I’ll be able to look back at all of my different moments — getting braces, getting braces off, going to prom — but it’s also hard, when you start something at 11 years old and everyone gets to see it over the years, and so it’s like, I get to see it and be like ‘haha!’ and everyone else gets to see it and be like, ‘HAHA,’ and then I’m like, ‘Hmmm…'”

She continued, “I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been acting for so long, and I get to do this, so I’m really lucky regardless.”

29 November 2018
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When it comes to her love life Ariel Winter, 20, is in a very good place. That’s what sources close to the Modern Family star tell HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about her romance with Canadian actor, Levi Meaden. “Ariel has never been happier in her life and that’s majorly in part to boyfriend Levi,” one insider says about the 31-year-old Breaking In star. “Ariel feels Levi keeps her calm and focused. Ariel has gone through so much with her personal life, that she finally feels stable and secure with Levi, which is why you constantly see them out together. They hardly go anywhere without the other.”

The paparazzi are forever snapping the former child star and her love running errands and going on dates around Los Angeles, and our sources say that their PDA is a true reflection of how they feel about each other. “Levi is essentially a part of the Modern Family family, always on set and attending events with her,” the insider adds. “He’s so affectionate with her, constantly holding her hand and making sure she’s tended to. Levi understands Ariel has been through a lot and so it’s important to him to make her feel loved. He truly supports her and she values that. They’re both extremely happy and content with where the relationship is currently and where it looks to be heading. They’re inseparable and madly in love.”

A second source agrees, adding, ”Ariel feels like she has found her soulmate. Levi is so calm and understanding with her and they both just have the greatest time with each other. There are no trust issues, no unneeded drama or anything weird between them. They both are making time for each other and giving each other everything they need.”

Ariel’s two-year romance with Levi is good news for the actress who legally emancipated from her mother, Chrisoula Workman in 2015 when she was 17 after a turbulent childhood. Ariel has spoken publicly of her happiness with Levi, paying tribute to him in a Sept. 12 Instagram post in honor of his birthday. Next to two photos of them packing on the PDA she wrote, “Thank you for loving me and letting me love you every single day. You are amazing in every sense of the word and I couldn’t be luckier. You make my heart happier than I ever could’ve imagined. My other half in everything, my home. Happy birthday baby. I love you.”

15 November 2018
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“Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is headed to “Live With Kelly & Ryan.”

According to official listings, Winter will appear on the November 27 edition of the daytime talk show. The episode, which is part of the “Live Holiday Gift Guide” series, will also feature an appearance by Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Other upcoming “Live” guests include Alexander Skarsgaard (November 16), Ryan Eggold (November 16), Sarah Silverman (November 19), Taron Egerton (November 19), Patti LaBelle (November 20), Mariah Carey (November 21), Emily Ratajkowski (November 21), and Willem Dafoe (November 26).

“Live” listings, as a reminder, are subject to change.

8 November 2018
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Ariel Winter’s personal and professional life is frequently the subject of bogus tabloid stories. Gossip Cop often debunks false claims about the “Modern Family” star. Here are five wrong rumors.

In September, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for wrongly reporting that Winter had been feuding with Burt Reynolds just before he died. The pair worked together on the 2017 film The Last Movie Star, and according to the magazine, they hated each other. The story was inaccurate. Although it’s true the co-stars had a brief disagreement on set, Reynolds noted in an interview with the Desert Sun earlier this year, “I just adore [Winter] now, but it took a while before we connected.” There are also several photos of the two chatting and laughing at the premiere of the movie. Meanwhile, Winter posted a loving tribute to the actor on Instagram following his death, while a rep for the actress assured us she “loved and admired” her late co-star. Whatever disagreement they may have had was long resolved before Reynolds’ passing.

Gossip Cop called out NW in August for wrongly reporting that Winter was pregnant. The magazine speculated that the actress was expecting a child with boyfriend Levi Meaden after displaying a “hint of a tell-tale bump.” Winter herself mocked the pregnancy rumors on Twitter, joking that her so-called “baby bump” was the result of “pulled pork sandwiches.” The actress’s spokesperson also dismissed the story as nonsense.

In February, Gossip Cop debunked a Star story about Winter teaming up with Sarah Hyland to star on a reality show when “Modern Family” ends. The outlet contended that the actresses were hoping to keep their careers afloat following the finale of their ABC series, so they came up with the idea to showcase their personal lives on a reality series. A rep for Winter told us on the record that the story was total “nonsense.” Hyland herself later retweeted our bust and joked, “Oh no. We’re TOTALLY doing a reality show. Already started filming. It stars us, dogs, food, workouts and boyfriends.”

Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer last year for falsely claiming that Winter’s friends didn’t approve of her relationship with Meaden, who’s 11 years older than the actress. The tabloid further contended that the TV star’s pals were worried she was about to elope with her boyfriend. But shortly before the bogus article emerged, Winter shared an Instagram photo of her and more than a dozen friends celebrating Meaden’s birthday. The actress’s inner circle clearly has no issue with her romance. And as time has shown, the actress and her boyfriend never eloped, nor are they even engaged.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out Star last year for making up a story about Winter paying Meaden to take care of her. The unreliable outlet alleged that the actress gave her boyfriend money to “cook, clean and perform other household chores.” The actress’s rep dismissed the premise as false and “incredibly insulting.” Winter later defended Meaden in an Instagram post, calling the tabloid’s report “fake news.” She added, “I have a BOYFRIEND and a PERSONAL ASSISTANT who are NOT the same person. I would NEVER pay my boyfriend ANY sort of allowance, nor would he EVER accept if I offered.”

30 October 2018
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Ariel Winter, 20, has plans for November 6. The actress is voting in the midterm elections, and she expects to see you at the polls! HollywoodLife caught up with the Modern Family star at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s A Time For Heroes Family Festival, and she told us in an EXCLUSIVE interview that there’s no excuse to not vote if you’re 18 and over!

“If you’re confused about how to do it, there are people everywhere that you can ask; there are websites that can [help you] figure it out,” she said. If you can’t make it to the polls, you can mail in your ballot, which is what I did.” Solid advice! “I just think it’s important to vote in general because whatever say we can have in shaping our future is very important,” she continued. “What’s interesting is that while a lot of people in my generation find it important to vote, they don’t always get out there and do it. They’ll tell everybody else, ‘you have to go vote’ or ‘I voted,’ but they haven’t really done it.”

Don’t be that person! While Ariel says that she has “a lot of political views” she doesn’t like sharing the specifics. What she wants is for everyone to vote. “I just think it’s important to just [vote for] whoever you want or whoever you feel passionate about. Go out and vote, and hopefully it’s [for] something good — and not something terrible.” Yes, that would be ideal! The November 6 midterms are just nine days away now, but there’s still time to make a difference. Check HERE via our partner, Rock the Vote, for all the information you need to make informed decisions before casting your ballot.

30 October 2018
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When news broke that a “Modern Family” character was going to be killed off, fans feared the worst. So did cast members.

Ariel Winter said she and her co-stars learned that someone was going to die when headlines about it first started popping up on news sites.

“We got the table draft like 10 minutes later and I opened it and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, it’s me, I’m done. They fired me,’” Winter told Variety while attending the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation’s A Time for Heroes Family Festival in Los Angeles. “And then I’m like, ‘It’s not me, thank God,’ but also sad because we no longer have Shelley Long.”

Long’s character, DeDe Pritchett, met her demise on the show’s Halloween episode, ending the speculation of which “Family” member would be offed. For the show, dealing with grim subject matter was also new ground.

“We’ve never really talked about death before on the show,” Winter added. “It’s a very sad topic, but I think we tried to make it as light hearted as possible to just show how everybody deals with death differently. Grieving is not always the way you think it is, so I think it’s important.”

30 October 2018
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We caught up at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation 30th Anniversary at A time For Hero’s Family Festival on Oct 28.

Winter has dealt with intense online bullying. The 20-year-old actress recently took a social media break and deleted her Twitter due to extreme cyberbullying.

She she says the best way to deal with it is by understanding the other person.

“You know you also have to wonder well, what’s happened that you are feeling inclined to write that to somebody?”

Her point is something we should remember. We have to realize that peoples comments really have nothing to do with us and everything to do with them. Mentalhealth.net explains the psychology of anger. They state that anger can consciously or subconsciously be chosen as a substitute of an emotion. “Sometimes people make themselves angry so they don’t have to feel pain. People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain.” This is where bullying can stem from.

Regardless, negative energy can be really draining. Especially if you are in the public eye. So how does the Modern Family star stay grounded?

She shares the key to staying grounded is focusing on what’s really important, “I don’t really buy into Hollywood so much. I enjoy doing what I do. I enjoy acting and that’s really it. It’s fun to go to some different events and it’s fun to go to different parties, whatever they may be but I’m a homebody, I like staying home. I love hanging out with my family and I try to keep in mind what’s real in life. The people around me, the things I do and the people who support me. That’s real life, you know?”

What we can learn from Ariel is it’s important that we separate ourselves from a negative reality. We need to focus on what is real and who we are.

Regardless of the harsh bullying, the actress says we shouldn’t let it stop us from living our lives. In an interview with Seventeen, she vowed she would never quit social media. “I definitely have pushed myself to deal with the good and the bad because I feel there are so many girls who need to hear positivity,” she expressed. “I feel like as many of us women who can band together and discuss things in a positive way will be so beneficial. Losing one person in that discussion wouldn’t be helpful.”

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