2 May 2018
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Ariel Winter is channeling old Hollywood glamour for the Breaking In film premiere and giving a shout-out to Cardi B with her Instagram caption. In her most recent post to the social media platform, the 20-year-old actress posted a photo of herself in a strapless emerald gown featuring sparkling diamond earrings, winged liner, and her hair in side-swept curls. But the best part is how Winter alludes to the dominating female rapper, writing out a lyric from Cardi B’s song “Money Bag.”

“I said, ‘bae it’s a snack’ he said it’s an entree,” Winter wrote under the sexy photo, referring to slang that describes one’s attractiveness. And there’s no doubt that the actress looks stunning in the red carpet look.

It’s not the first time that the actress has quoted the rapper on Instagram. In another recent photo showing off her look for a magazine event, she pulled a line from Cardi B’s radio hit “I Like It,” writing, “spicy mami hot tamale.” And although Cardi has yet to comment on the use of her words, she’d likely be flattered by the beautiful Winter fangirling over her lyrics.

In an additional slideshow of photos, Winter gives credit to the multiple people of her glam squad, who are responsible for her gorgeous “snackable” look. Rocking neutral yet glamorous makeup, the actress stands out with a nude lip and fluttery lashes.

27 April 2018
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Ariel Winter can wear whatever she wants, and she’s letting everyone know it. The actress took to Twitter to call out those who “troll” her for her choice in dress on Thursday night, reminding the world that it’s HER choice how she dresses, and no one else’s.

The 20-year-old college student tweeted, “I honestly just have to ask all of you who give a s*** what I wear in my daily life…CAN I HELP YOU FIND A HOBBY OTHER THAN TROLLING THE INTERNET??? Get off my ass- literally. There’s got to be bigger news in the world.” To which we say: YES. Whatever Ariel chooses to wear is simply that, her choice.

This is not the first time Ariel has found the need to share her feelings on the matter. Though there have been a number of notable times that she has taken to social media to remind people that she can wear whatever clothing she chooses, it was perhaps most recently that she wrote a tweet about wearing jean shorts. Before then, she’s made comments about how she isn’t ashamed of her breast reduction scars and asking “why can’t people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want?” when she wore a cut-out mini dress on the red carpet. Yes, these are all things she shouldn’t have to say AT ALL, but comments that deserve to be remembered and celebrated.

Though this likely won’t be the end of the Internet trolls, hopefully, it will help remind all the haters of common decency before they share their negative opinion of what Ariel Winter—or anyone else for that matter—chooses to wear when they get dressed in the morning.

24 April 2018
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Ariel Winter looked red hot as she stepped out for a LaPalme Magazine party on Saturday night in an all-red ensemble that featured a lace negligee crop top — and couldn’t help but call herself a “spicy mami” in an Instagram photo.

The 20-year-old Modern Family actress is known for her daring looks, which include plunging necklines and an exposed midriff. But despite criticism from a number of online trolls, the star continues to dress as she pleases, having explained on numerous occasions that she wears what makes her feel good. For the celebration of the magazine’s cover on Saturday, a pair of silky red pants and a matching lace bralette apparently did just that.

“Spicy mami hot tamale,” Winter captioned a photo of herself on Instagram, showing off her half-updo and a pair of standout silver hoops. Many in the comments agree that the young star looks incredible, while others have mixed opinions about the shared pic.

“Sometimes showing less is more,” one person wrote. “You don’t need to show so much skin. You have the looks and confidence to be more conservative.” Another commenter had an opinion about the self-congratulatory caption, writing, “Someone’s supposed to write that caption for you, it’s not the same coming from you.” However, Winter’s fans were quick to come to her defense and echo her own sentiments about dressing how she wants. “She can wear what she wants as long as she’s comfortable with how she looks, that’s all that matters.” Another commenter noted, “Clothes don’t make the woman.”

17 April 2018
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She’s the clap-back queen! Ariel Winter isn’t one to stay silent when internet trolls attack, and she made sure that a hater didn’t get the last word on Monday, April 16, after they took aim at her on social media.

When the 20-year-old actress’ costar Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to share a sweet pic of their TV family from the Modern Family for Your Consideration Event earlier that same night, one commenter bashed Winter.

“Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time,” the commenter wrote.

“I’m SO thirsty,” she replied. “Haven’t had water in hours. God I can’t believe you can tell I’m dehydrated from this pic.”

And fans were quick to chime in with support for the former child star. “@arielwinter and this response is why I like you!!!!” one commenter wrote. “Your so relatable!!!”

9 April 2018
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Ariel Winter is no stranger to comments about her wardrobe — her plunging necklines and cutoff shorts are often targeted by criticism for being too revealing.

But the 20-year-old Modern Family star probably wasn’t expecting to receive shaming comments about her outfit during a visit to church for Greek Orthodox Easter.

The actress, who is part Greek, celebrated the holiday Sunday by attending church services with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, and father, Glenn Workman. She posted two photos from the church visit, which show her wearing a black dress with a long jacket and flats.

Though the dress’s neckline is high and fairly conservative, some Instagram commenters felt that Winter was showing more leg than was appropriate for a church service. Naturally, they expressed these concerns in comments.

“Imagine if we wore that to church,” one follower wrote.

“Dress TO [sic] short!” read a complaint. “Was this a club or church!?”

“And is that [an] appropriate dress to wear to church?” wrote another critic. “Why do u always feel u need to be showing as much as u can from ur body … it’s not healthy.”

Others chimed in with remarks praising her “hot legs,” while a few fans defended Winter from the negative attention.

“She really isn’t showing off nearly as much as she normally shows off, and plus it’s her body [so] lay TF off,” wrote one supporter.

“Don’t listen to any haters!” added a follower. “Dress is awesome and good for you for celebrating our important holidays like a true Greek!!!!”

Winter has yet to address the comments, but she hasn’t stayed silent on past criticism. In the fall she posted an Instagram message slamming the shaming her outfits often receive.

24 March 2018
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Ariel Winter is taking a break from college.

The 20-year-old actress started studying political science at UCLA last year – after previously deferring for a year – but she is taking time off to “pursue” her acting career.

She said: “I do love UCLA, but at the moment I’m taking a break from it so I can continue to pursue my career and also try to have a little bit more of a life because I’ve been so busy.”

“That’s really it at the moment. But I think education’s really important. I love being there. I love learning. I will continue to keep learning and I just wanted to take a break to focus on myself and square some things with myself.”

Ariel – who portrays Alex Dunphy in the comedy series – is hoping to broaden her horizons by appearing in further films.

She said: “I would hope to do more movies. Really anything that comes my way that speaks to me or feels rights, something, a new character I haven’t done before. I’m pretty open. I like doing different things. I like trying things, so for me, it’s really whatever happens.”

23 March 2018
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Ariel Winter and boyfriend Levi Meaden have been dating for more than a year and appear stronger than ever.

ET spoke with Meaden at the Pacific Rim: Uprising premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he talked about his new sci-fi film as well as his relationship with Winter. The two live together, and Meaden says “nothing” has changed when it comes to their dynamic.

“Less fear, I guess. That’s the only thing,” he tells ET’s Courtney Tezeno. “We’re happier than ever. We’ve got three dogs, we adopted a bunny, there might be another one on the way. I guess, more animals. That’s what’s changed. There was two dogs to begin with, now we got another dog and a rabbit. So, in a year maybe, I don’t know, a whole farm?”

Meaden, 30, even had a hard time coming up with a pet peeve when it comes to 20-year-old Winter.

“I mean, the pet peeves I kinda love,” he explains. “She doesn’t really know movies, which is amazing, because she’s been in movies for so long, but she doesn’t — she never watched them! So, it’s not really a pet peeve as much as it’s something I really enjoy, because I get to show her all these old films. Probably a pet peeve of hers, because then I go into all the trivia and explain the history of the movie until she’s like, ‘Shut up, Levi!'”

Winter, looking stunning in a striking red dress and heels, attended the premiere to support her beau. Meaden, who said Winter visited him in Australia and China while shooting the film, explained the meaningful tattoos they have for one another. The actor showed off the ink on his finger of a jar reading “PB,” which stands for peanut butter, his nickname for Winter.

“Well, I’m not sure how it came about, but she has ‘Cheese’ on her finger and she says, ‘It’s a messed-up sandwich that works,'” Meaden shares. “Peanut butter and cheese! Now, everyone thinks it doesn’t, but if you try it — depending on the cheese — it’s really good.”

21 March 2018
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The old Burt Reynolds can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Because the Cosmo centerfold is dead, reborn an octogenarian giving the most Oscar-worthy performance of his career. In The Last Movie Star, the 82-year-old actor is Vic Edwards, a screen legend misled into accepting a dowdy millennial film festival’s Lifetime Achievement award. Chauffeured around Nashville by Lil (played by Modern Family’s Ariel Winter), Vic detours into east Tennessee, where he takes a trip down memory lane.

A genre bending tale, The Last Movie Star isn’t a comedy, drama, dramedy or satire. It’s life. Reynold’s life. Vic was a stuntman who became a film star. Vic romanced Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes. Vic made a series of flops between striking box office gold. Vic. Burt. One syllable names. He visits a nursing home to meet the love he gave up for a life of womanizing, visits his childhood home and visits the old college football field where he was a rising star jock. And as Vic befriends an unlikely younger woman coming into adulthood, we learn a second revelation: 20-year-old Winter can really act, starring in her very first grown-up role.

“I’ve been on Modern Family for 9 years now. Next year will be our 10th,” Winter said. “It’s been an incredible show, and I love my character and the people I work with. It is nice though to have that little departure where I get to play something different and be somewhere different. That’s what we do as actors. We want to portray as many different things as possible. We want to have many different experiences and do our jobs. Hopefully, it will lead to more, and I’ll play different roles.”

In the most experimental film since Get Out, cult favorite screenwriter-director Adam Rifkin wrote a fan fiction screenplay having never talked to Reynolds, and sent him an unsolicited copy. Winter headlines as Lil, “A character dependent on a rainbow coalition of psycho pharmaceuticals,” he said. “She’s anxious, depressed and suicidal. And the last thing she wants to do is spend a weekend with some crabby old dude.”

Winter described Lil as an independent character, who “doesn’t have a lot of people supporting her. She is able to do everything on her own, and she is supporting herself, learning how to become a strong woman. I think it’s a nice character for young women because we have a lot of action heroes that are women kicking butt and fighting, but there’s also normal young women who aren’t doing that, living their lives and learning to overcome struggles. [Lil] starts off confident, but a little insecure. She’s got that terrible boyfriend who doesn’t treat her very well. She’s struggling, trying to better herself, but she doesn’t know how. I think it’s an accurate depiction of real people.” (more…)

9 February 2018
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Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland are not hoping to star on a reality show together when “Modern Family” ends, despite a made-up tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this bogus story. We’re told there’s no truth to it.

In a recent interview, “Modern Family” co-creator Steve Levitan said the show will likely end after its 10th season next year. Now an article in the latest issue of Star claims Winter and Hyland are worried about keeping their careers afloat following the finale of the hit ABC series. Their idea to stay in the spotlight? A reality series, according to an alleged source.

“Ariel and Sarah are convinced their lives are so funny, but producers don’t agree,” says the magazine’s supposed insider. “No one is biting on giving them a show just because they’re on a hit show.” But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Winter, who exclusively assures us that the tabloid’s story is complete “nonsense.” A source close to Hyland similarly tells us that she and her co-star aren’t pitching a reality show.

Winter and Hyland are actresses, not reality TV stars, and they don’t have aspirations to become ones. Considering that the two will be coming off one of the biggest shows on TV, they’ll have plenty of opportunities for work once their program ends. Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm there’s no truth to the outlet’s article.

It should be noted, Star has proven to have very little insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the popular ABC comedy. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid for wrongly reporting that Winter was getting fired from “Modern Family.” Shortly after the false story was published, executive producer Levitan exclusively told Gossip Cop, “Nothing could be further from the truth. Ariel is a beloved cast member and a crucial part of our show.”

Also, Winter herself slammed Star in 2015 after the unreliable outlet made up a story about the actress getting married as soon as she turned 18. The magazine has since published several bogus reports surrounding Winter’s relationship with her boyfriend Levi Meaden. This latest article about the “Modern Family” sisters being eager to team up for a reality show is similarly untrue.

31 January 2018
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Ariel Winter may have just gotten the greatest birthday present of all time… a baby bunny from her boyfriend Levi Meaden. The 20-year-old Modern Family star and the 30-year-old Pacific Rim Uprising actor were spotted leaving Petco on Saturday (January 27) in Los Angeles, one day before Ariel‘s birthday.

Ariel Winter celebrated her 20th birthday this weekend with her boyfriend of over a year, Levi Meaden. Though Ariel was pretty low-key about her celebrations on her own social media feeds, Levi kept us up-to-date first by sharing that the two have welcomed a new member to their family: a bunny! “New member of the fam. Everyone meet Babs. Just can’t say no to a girl on her birthday weekend,” Levi wrote on a selfie of himself, Ariel and their new pet. We already knew that the couple were serious animal lovers, as Babs will be joining the three dogs they already have.

Shortly after the bunny announcement, Levi posted another photo of him and Ariel for her official birthday shoutout: “Happy birthday to the most intelligent, beautiful, fierce woman I have ever known!” he wrote. “I love you Peanut Butter!”

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