9 April 2019
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Ariel Winter, 21, is looking better than ever and apparently, she’s feeling it too! The Modern Family star is head over heels for her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, 31, and a source told us just how positive the relationship has been for the stunning star. “Ariel Winter is happier than ever with boyfriend Levi Meaden. She looks great, feels great and is a really happy and good place. She realizes she surrounds herself with great people and is in a really happy and healthy relationship. Her love with Levi is real and true,” a source close to Ariel revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

Fans of the actress know that it hasn’t always been an easy road for her, especially after a rocky relationship with her parents that led to an emancipation. However, Levi’s love has proven to be the ultimate support system. “Ariel struggled so much with everything she went through with her mom and she is so thankful to find a partner like Levi who dotes and loves on her constantly,” our source explains. And, while Ariel is beautiful at any size, she’s oozing confidence these days as she gets in the best shape of her life. “Ariel’s always been a confident girl, but every since her breast reduction and the fact that she’s lost so much weight, she’s even more confident than ever. She’s so comfortable in her skin.” HollywoodLife reached out to a rep of Ariel’s for comment.

In case you weren’t already convinced that Ariel and Levi are the cutest couple in Hollywood, an eyewitness source caught the couple in Las Vegas and told us all about their romantic getaway. “They recently took a vacation to Las Vegas together for the opening of The Palms Resort & Casino and decided to make a little romantic couples getaway out of it,” the insider revealed. “They acted like normal people and never stayed out late at all. They even left around 1:00 a.m. the second night here, missing Cardi B because they wanted to just be together. “They didn’t leave each other’s side all weekend,” the source told us. Oh, lovebirds!

Ariel and her beau have been dating since November of 2016. The pair are currently living together and never fail to share plenty of adorable PDA snaps together for their beloved fans!

5 April 2019
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Mark April 18, 2019, on your calendar and join us at Tacoma Dome for an unparalleled event bringing together world-renowned speakers, A-list performers, and tens of thousands of youth to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities and changed lives.

1 March 2019
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After a stress-filled week also riddled with unusually cold weather, I decided to unwind on Friday with binge-watching the end of the most recent season of Modern Family. Like other fans of the series, I have always been drawn to the spunk of Alex Dunphy. Luckily, I was able to have a conversation with Ariel Winter, the actress that brings Alex to life on the show.

For the Modern Family star, some of the most important aspects of life are the simpler ones: comfort, finding joy (as well as humor) in the small things, and not being too hard on yourself. To start, I wanted to know what similarities exist between Alex and Ariel, if there were any. She told me about how they are both “pretty sarcastic” and believe in the importance of education. “There’s not a ton of differences.” Ariel did point out, with a laugh, that the “main difference” between them is that she doesn’t “wear as many flannels” as Alex.

While her role as Alex is what she is most known for, Ariel also has plenty of experience with voice acting projects including a princess named Sofia in Disney Channel’s Sofia the First. Since she has had years working in both realms, I sought to find out if there was anything about voice acting she enjoyed more than her live action works. Ariel described how, with voice acting, she gets to “see a character that someone draws come to life on the screen” which is a more unique experience than live action acting. One of the main perks, as Ariel excitedly told me, is that “with voice acting you don’t have to get all dressed up. You could be in your pajamas. You could just be out of the shower with your hair in a bun and that part’s pretty awesome.”

Even when she is not voice acting, Ariel loves to stay comfortable with her choice of clothing from day to day. When asked about her personal style, she described to me how, normally, she does not stress too much about putting outfits together because she goes for “anything [she] can find that is comfortable and possibly matching.” She recounted to me how, in addition to “heeled boots,” one of her wardrobe staples would definitely be “legging pants because I’m super into comfy.”

Throughout our conversation, the emphasis on being comfortable was prominent. For Ariel, this extends beyond style. Ariel wants everyone to experience the joy of comfortability, including animals in their environments. When I transitioned the topic of conversation from her career to more personal goals she disclosed to me that a goal she is working towards is “trying to get every sheltered dog in the world adopted.” Eventually, she explained, she “would like to buy a lot of land somewhere and make my own animal shelter.” She went on to how, more specifically, she would want her personal shelter to house dogs that have been in shelters for more than a year, so these dogs could experience a more comfortable environment while waiting to be placed in a forever home. (more…)

28 February 2019
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21 February 2019
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When she had curves, Ariel Winter was told she looked too provocative. Now that she’s lost weight — which she says is a result of changing her anti-depressant — critics are complaining that she’s too skinny. Now the Modern Family star is being body-shamed on social media over her — wait for it — feet.

The criticism came in response to a moody black-and-white portrait the 21-year-old shared, which shows her left bare foot.

Apparently, said foot — thanks to angles and lighting — is too big for some people’s liking.

“Bigfoot sighted,” snarked one commenter.

“D**n you can braid hair with those toes!” joked another follower.

“D**n u got big feet,” read a comment.

“Y’all talkin’ shhhh about her feet, better watch out before Flipper roundhouse kick-steps you into yesterday,” quipped another commenter.

Winter’s loyal fans fought back.

“Y’all will find any excuse to tear a woman down,” a supporter wrote. “Y’all got big insecurities and it shows through your comments.”

“Guys … her foot is just OK, and BTW nobody is perfect!!” another fan wrote.

“Gotta love all the people who pick @arielwinter apart,” added someone. “You people need to put your phones away, go run to the closest mirror and take a good look at yourself and then CRY!!”

While Winter is often quick to fire back at shaming comments, she seemed to take the jokes about her feet in, ahem, stride.

“I’m literally a 6.5 and people are commenting I have like men’s size 13 feet,” she responded, adding a crying-with-laughter emoji.

She’s in good company. Last year Kendall Jenner received similar backlash about her feet after posting a nude photo.

12 February 2019
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Even though Ariel Winter turned 21 at the end of January, she postponed her official birthday celebrations until this past weekend. Actress recently rang in her momentous 21st birthday in style at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV. The “Modern Family “star celebrated with 70 of her closest friends, family and boyfriend Levi Meaden.

The star was all smiles when Drai’s massive wrap-around screens lit up the club acknowledging her special day. Winter received a customized pink and white three-tiered cake, a sweet touch to the fantastic revelry. Winter’s birthday celebration happened to be the same night iconic Atlanta MC Gucci Mane, highly regarded as one of the most gifted rappers of his generation, embarked on a brand-new residency with Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas.

And in style she certainly was. Wearing a stunning, crisp white suit, waist-length straight extensions courtesy of celeb hairstylist Jonathan Colombini, and an impressive, over-the-top starry ear cuff, Winter was looking icy and 100% chic.

Giving new meaning to the term “birthday suit,” the now-21 year old looked absolutely stunning in the all-white look, which she paired with subtle nude glam by makeup artist Ash K Holm.

Winter‘s black nails added a dark touch to the otherwise crisp white outfit. Overall, we have to say that this might just be the actress’s chicest look of all time. If this is how she’s kicking off the year, we can’t wait to see what 21 has in store for Winter.

7 February 2019
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In a world saturated by frivolity and pretend, it’s nice to have a voice like Ariel Winter’s. Having begun acting at only four, Winter has become a fixture in global entertainment: from her multiple Disney appearances to dozens of voice-acting gigs. But it was without a doubt her role as Alex Dunphy in the comedy series Modern Family that jet-propelled her to stardom. A decade later, Winter is still in Alex’s shoes and she does not plan on stopping (if they let her, that is) but she’s also become a beacon for body-positivity in her own right. With the tenth (and reportedly last) season of Modern Family in full swing, we catch up with the actor to talk about growing into her own skin, her education and what we can expect from Alex Dunphy in the near feature.

When we chat on a transatlantic call, Winter is just ten days short of her momentous 21st birthday and her partying plans are still up in the air, though she assures they probably won’t be anything “fancy” since the occasion falls on a Monday (in the end she settled for a cake-less Dominos pizza bash). But she has clearer intentions of what to do once she’s reached her age of majority. “I want to spend my birthday week volunteering in animal shelters. I don’t know which one exactly yet,” she reveals. “I’m [also] having a birthday party in February in Vegas, because that’s where our families are from. I can finally walk on the carpet there and play a bit of poker, so that’s exciting.”

You can tell Winter is more excited about the first part of her birthday arrangement. A quick look at her social media and it’s evident to see her love for animals. “I love all animals, but especially dogs. They are the best things in the world.” Having four of her own, whom she describes as “her everything,” Winter is an ardent advocate for animal rights, often promoting animal rescue and supporting organizations such as Smiley Tails Rescue to her almost 4 million followers on Instagram.

“We have a lot of people that follow us and it’s great to talk about mundane things, but if I can talk something important that can either help a person or help an animal or just start a dialogue on something, I think that’s really important,” Winter admits of her relationship with social media. Though she declares that it has been one that’s proven to be fitfully toxic over the years.

Having been in the spotlight from a very young age, Winter has never shied away from the fact that growing into her own skin has been a journey, one she’s still embarked on. Though it may seem like she’s built up her confidence to a point where she exudes it on her social media, she’s quick to remind us we’re all human in the end. “I don’t think anybody ever becomes a hundred per cent unwaveringly confident,” Winter says. “Just because we’re human beings and we will never be perfect, and that’s better. It’s better that we never strive for perfection, and we just understand that we’re all people. Everybody has flaws, and those flaws are great. Of course: you should work on yourself as much as possible — work on loving yourself and being the best version of who you want to be. That’s what matters.” (more…)

6 February 2019
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Sarah Hyland, 28, and Ariel Winter, 21, won’t play on-screen sisters anymore after the 11th and final season of Modern Family, which will air in ABC’s 2019-2020 fall schedule, the network announced in a press release on Feb. 5. While it’s amazing the dramedy was picked up for another season, Sarah (who plays Haley Dunphy) and Ariel (Alex Dunphy) are experiencing a whole range of emotions beyond excitement. “It will be a lot realer once they get to their final scenes but both Sarah and Ariel are excited, happy, scared, sad and everywhere in between with the announcement that Modern Family is ending,” a source close to Sarah and Ariel EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “This has been something for them that has been most of their lives and that is definitely something they will never forget.”

Modern Family premiered in Sept. 2009, meaning that Sarah and Ariel have stuck with the series for nearly a decade! They’ve picked up an impressive number of accolades along the way, as their show won five Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series (2010-2014, consecutively) and four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series (2010-2013, also consecutively). The show made Sarah and Ariel “into the people they are today both professionally and personally,” our source continues. “They are excited and scared of the unknown but they love that they can go out on their own terms and finish the story as it should be finished.”

And we know how far the actresses’ story lines have come along! Both of their characters have graduated from high school, as Sarah’s character (Haley) now works as a style editor for a lifestyle company. Meanwhile, Ariel’s character (Alex) is a biochemistry major at Caltech. Where did the time go!? And as you know, the Jan. 9 episode of the ABC show shocked us by revealing that Haley’s expecting twins!

“It’s as close to what high school feels like when your heading into senior year,” our source goes on. “You’re ready to move on but you loved all the memories you made. That is exactly the type of emotions they are feeling.” And those are the emotions we’re feeling too!

30 January 2019
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Ariel Winter rang in her momentous 21st birthday in the best way possible: with her friends, boyfriend Levi Meaden, and her dog, all serenading her with the “Happy Birthday” song as they presented her with a Dominos pizza cake.

Ariel posted a video of said moment to her Instagram, where you can see how jazzed she was about the celebration, even excitedly dropping almost into the splits as her friends sang. The actress wore high-waisted black pants and a black crop top with mesh paneling to ring in her 21st year, and here’s hoping her wish comes true — she blew that cake’s candle right out.

Before you pull up the Dominos website to order a pizza cake of your own, we have to be clear: The aforementioned “cake” was really just a Dominos pizza with a candle in it, like a birthday cake. You can order desserts with your Dominos pizza, including their Chocolate Crunch Lava Cake and Cinnamon Bread Twists, but if you want to turn a pizza into a cake, we applaud you.

Ariel, who has been in the public eye since she was a child, thanks to her role in Modern Family, had a big 20th year: She spoke up about feminism, encouraged her followers to vote in midterm elections, made a major splash on Halloween with Levi, and did a little clapping back at paparazzi and online trolls, too.

What’s in store for Ariel as a 21-year-old? Modern Family could be wrapping up this year, which means she could embark on a new chapter of her career. Whatever Ariel chooses to do next, we know she’s going to kill it. Happy birthday, Ariel! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re craving Dominos pizza right about now.

29 January 2019
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Ariel Winter isn’t going to let trolls get away with body shaming her. On Sunday, Winter, who turns 21 today, shared a photo from her friend’s birthday celebration, which showed her looking significantly smaller. For the occasion, Winter sported a checkered jumpsuit, which highlighted her slim physique.

While many of her fans praised her appearance writing, “you look amazing,” others weren’t as nice.

“Omg you lost your butt,” one fan wrote while another said “Too skinny now.”

“I’m sorry you felt the need to so dramatically change your appearance. I liked you just as you were. I hope you are happy in your new body though,” another fan commented.

A different user wrote, “Nothing wrong with being honest and telling her we liked her better before ‘the change’ she was so beautiful before she started chopping up her body and if me saying so helps one gurl out here to feel beautiful who’s thinking of PS its worth it.”

The comment prompted Winter to fire back.

“I appreciate you wanting to help girls love themselves the way they are, but you are also kind of cutting someone (me) down which isn’t what I think you were trying to do?” Winter wrote back.

“I also didn’t get plastic surgery,” Winter continued. “That is also not supportive of women if you’re just assuming about the way they look.”

This isn’t the first time Winter has had to respond to criticism regarding her figure.

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