18 May 2018
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The Season 9 finale of Modern Family aired Wednesday night, reminding viewers everywhere that Ariel Winter — who has portrayed the lovable Alex Dunphy on the hit ABC show since she was only 11 — is a great person to look to for some fitspo. Lucky for you, Yahoo Lifestyle has the inside scoop on how Winter, 20, manages to maintain that perfect booty, revealed in this week’s episode of Off Season.

Growing up on TV and going through a breast reduction surgery, the actress has always had her appearance scrutinized, but she’s known for being quick to fire back at haters and flaunt what she’s got. “People call me stupid because I post photos of my butt, when the real thing is, I love my butt. I love butts! Why stifle yourself because other people can’t handle it?” she told the Hollywood Reporter last year.

Ariel has made waves in the body positive-movement in recent years, loving her curves and showing them off without shame. But she wasn’t always that way, and struggled with accepting her figure, giving some of the credit to her self-love to her co-star Sofia Vergara. “I had a great role model in Sofia growing up, with her being a curvy woman that was super proud of who she was and what she looked like,” Winter told Self.

Now she’s sharing the secret weapon behind her booty: four-days-a-week sessions with her trainer, Mack, aka @mackfit, who also trains celebs including Madelaine Petsch, Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner’s famous BFF), and Hannah Stocking. Mack’s been a personal trainer for almost 10 years, and his clients have the killer bods to prove it.

She shares videos of her Mack workouts on Instagram, and they are, shall we say, bad ass — featuring Winter doing glute kickbacks and 40-pound deadlifts, with perfect form. Now, that’s girl power.

16 May 2018
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A new report claiming Ariel Winter is ready to marry boyfriend Levi Meaden and have kids with him is completely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. A rep for the actress tells us it’s not true.

HollywoodLife, which frequently pretends to have “exclusive” insider knowledge about celebrities, now claims that the 20-year-old “Modern Family” star is eager to get married and start a family. A so-called “source” tells the site that Winter plans to take a “break from acting” once her TV series ends, and will instead focus on marriage and children. The outlet’s alleged insider says Meaden, who’s 10 years older than his girlfriend, is “on the same wavelength.”

The unreliable blog is basing its story on information from an anonymous, untraceable and almost assuredly nonexistent “source.” Gossip Cop, however, is told on the record by Winter’s own spokesperson that the site’s article is baseless. We’re told the young actress isn’t preparing to get married and start a family at this time, nor does she plan on giving up acting to make that happen.

15 May 2018
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On Mother’s Day 2018, Ariel Winter celebrated the woman she truly credits as a mother-figure, and that person is her sister, Shanelle Gray. Winter hasn’t shied away from discussing her strained relationship with her mother, and her complicated childhood, so on May 14th, 2018, the actress heaped Mother’s Day praise upon her sister, and Winter’s lovely words are melting our cold Monday hearts.

Winter first shared photos and tributes on Instagram Story to her grandmothers and her Modern Family on-set teacher Sharon Sacks, who she called “a role model and mother figure for me to this day,” and then turned her praise to her big sis.

Saved the most important Mother’s Day wish for last. My beautiful sister [Shanelle Gray]. You are the most amazing woman in the entire world, and your ability to love, support and care for everyone around you is unprecedented. I am so lucky to be surrounded by your love, and to have been raised by such an inspirational woman. I love you more than words could ever express.

In case that wasn’t enough heart-melting gush for you this morning, Winter’s boyfriend Levi Meaden gave her a Mother’s Day card “from” their dogs.

12 May 2018
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The actor and longtime boyfriend of Modern Family’s Ariel Winter stars in the new home-invasion thriller alongside Gabrielle Union — and he says he’s taking his heightened fame “one step at a time.”

“I still am trying to navigate it,” Meaden, 30, tells PEOPLE. “I try to keep relatively the same. I’ve always kind of been a homebody so that’s still the same. I just go out and come back home with my girlfriend and three dogs and chill out. I try to make sure I don’t change too much because I like that. This is what I do for a job, but the home and family is where the actual life is, so I try to keep that in mind.”

For Meaden, having Winter, 20, in the business has “certainly” helped when it comes to making career-related decisions.

“We can ask each other to weigh in,” Meaden says about Winter, with whom he has lived with since first sparking dating rumors in November 2016. “We also try to, in our private life, keep it separate from the industry and try to keep it grounded and normal and about us.”

Plus, he always has a partner to run lines with.

“It helps when it’s somebody else who is in the industry,” he says. “It helps when you get a role and run it past each other and see what they think and read the script and try things. It’s really helpful.”

4 May 2018
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Although actor Levi Meaden portrays a villain in the upcoming thriller Breaking In, he always looks out for his loved ones in real life. “I’m super protective of my girlfriend, our dogs, my family, my brother,” he exclusively told Us on Thursday, May 3, of longtime love Ariel Winter. “My little brother, so I have that big brother vibe.”

Which is why it’s nice the Aftermath actor, 30, and Winter can turn to each other. “I’ll run lines with her for sure and she will kind of give me some advice and I’ll ask her how she thinks it’s working out,” he told Us of Winter, who he started dating in November 2016. He added: “We don’t really sit down and discuss [potential projects], it just comes up as we talk and let each other know what’s going on … and get ideas from each other about what we can bring to the character. Just fun, simple ideas.”

The Killing alum noted that he and Winter enjoy winding down together amid their busy schedules. “There are a lot of times where we both realize we’re just stressed and we need a date night or one of us just needs to take a break and do something completely quiet and calm,” he explained. “Meditate, hiking or a massage and just kind of step out out of this whirlwind.”

2 May 2018
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Ariel Winter is channeling old Hollywood glamour for the Breaking In film premiere and giving a shout-out to Cardi B with her Instagram caption. In her most recent post to the social media platform, the 20-year-old actress posted a photo of herself in a strapless emerald gown featuring sparkling diamond earrings, winged liner, and her hair in side-swept curls. But the best part is how Winter alludes to the dominating female rapper, writing out a lyric from Cardi B’s song “Money Bag.”

“I said, ‘bae it’s a snack’ he said it’s an entree,” Winter wrote under the sexy photo, referring to slang that describes one’s attractiveness. And there’s no doubt that the actress looks stunning in the red carpet look.

It’s not the first time that the actress has quoted the rapper on Instagram. In another recent photo showing off her look for a magazine event, she pulled a line from Cardi B’s radio hit “I Like It,” writing, “spicy mami hot tamale.” And although Cardi has yet to comment on the use of her words, she’d likely be flattered by the beautiful Winter fangirling over her lyrics.

In an additional slideshow of photos, Winter gives credit to the multiple people of her glam squad, who are responsible for her gorgeous “snackable” look. Rocking neutral yet glamorous makeup, the actress stands out with a nude lip and fluttery lashes.

27 April 2018
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Ariel Winter can wear whatever she wants, and she’s letting everyone know it. The actress took to Twitter to call out those who “troll” her for her choice in dress on Thursday night, reminding the world that it’s HER choice how she dresses, and no one else’s.

The 20-year-old college student tweeted, “I honestly just have to ask all of you who give a s*** what I wear in my daily life…CAN I HELP YOU FIND A HOBBY OTHER THAN TROLLING THE INTERNET??? Get off my ass- literally. There’s got to be bigger news in the world.” To which we say: YES. Whatever Ariel chooses to wear is simply that, her choice.

This is not the first time Ariel has found the need to share her feelings on the matter. Though there have been a number of notable times that she has taken to social media to remind people that she can wear whatever clothing she chooses, it was perhaps most recently that she wrote a tweet about wearing jean shorts. Before then, she’s made comments about how she isn’t ashamed of her breast reduction scars and asking “why can’t people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want?” when she wore a cut-out mini dress on the red carpet. Yes, these are all things she shouldn’t have to say AT ALL, but comments that deserve to be remembered and celebrated.

Though this likely won’t be the end of the Internet trolls, hopefully, it will help remind all the haters of common decency before they share their negative opinion of what Ariel Winter—or anyone else for that matter—chooses to wear when they get dressed in the morning.

24 April 2018
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Ariel Winter looked red hot as she stepped out for a LaPalme Magazine party on Saturday night in an all-red ensemble that featured a lace negligee crop top — and couldn’t help but call herself a “spicy mami” in an Instagram photo.

The 20-year-old Modern Family actress is known for her daring looks, which include plunging necklines and an exposed midriff. But despite criticism from a number of online trolls, the star continues to dress as she pleases, having explained on numerous occasions that she wears what makes her feel good. For the celebration of the magazine’s cover on Saturday, a pair of silky red pants and a matching lace bralette apparently did just that.

“Spicy mami hot tamale,” Winter captioned a photo of herself on Instagram, showing off her half-updo and a pair of standout silver hoops. Many in the comments agree that the young star looks incredible, while others have mixed opinions about the shared pic.

“Sometimes showing less is more,” one person wrote. “You don’t need to show so much skin. You have the looks and confidence to be more conservative.” Another commenter had an opinion about the self-congratulatory caption, writing, “Someone’s supposed to write that caption for you, it’s not the same coming from you.” However, Winter’s fans were quick to come to her defense and echo her own sentiments about dressing how she wants. “She can wear what she wants as long as she’s comfortable with how she looks, that’s all that matters.” Another commenter noted, “Clothes don’t make the woman.”

17 April 2018
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She’s the clap-back queen! Ariel Winter isn’t one to stay silent when internet trolls attack, and she made sure that a hater didn’t get the last word on Monday, April 16, after they took aim at her on social media.

When the 20-year-old actress’ costar Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to share a sweet pic of their TV family from the Modern Family for Your Consideration Event earlier that same night, one commenter bashed Winter.

“Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time,” the commenter wrote.

“I’m SO thirsty,” she replied. “Haven’t had water in hours. God I can’t believe you can tell I’m dehydrated from this pic.”

And fans were quick to chime in with support for the former child star. “@arielwinter and this response is why I like you!!!!” one commenter wrote. “Your so relatable!!!”

9 April 2018
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Ariel Winter is no stranger to comments about her wardrobe — her plunging necklines and cutoff shorts are often targeted by criticism for being too revealing.

But the 20-year-old Modern Family star probably wasn’t expecting to receive shaming comments about her outfit during a visit to church for Greek Orthodox Easter.

The actress, who is part Greek, celebrated the holiday Sunday by attending church services with her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, and father, Glenn Workman. She posted two photos from the church visit, which show her wearing a black dress with a long jacket and flats.

Though the dress’s neckline is high and fairly conservative, some Instagram commenters felt that Winter was showing more leg than was appropriate for a church service. Naturally, they expressed these concerns in comments.

“Imagine if we wore that to church,” one follower wrote.

“Dress TO [sic] short!” read a complaint. “Was this a club or church!?”

“And is that [an] appropriate dress to wear to church?” wrote another critic. “Why do u always feel u need to be showing as much as u can from ur body … it’s not healthy.”

Others chimed in with remarks praising her “hot legs,” while a few fans defended Winter from the negative attention.

“She really isn’t showing off nearly as much as she normally shows off, and plus it’s her body [so] lay TF off,” wrote one supporter.

“Don’t listen to any haters!” added a follower. “Dress is awesome and good for you for celebrating our important holidays like a true Greek!!!!”

Winter has yet to address the comments, but she hasn’t stayed silent on past criticism. In the fall she posted an Instagram message slamming the shaming her outfits often receive.

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